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In partnership with Six Nations Polytechnic we are bringing “STORIES FROM THE LAND National Tour” and the 50 minute documentary “Colonization Road” to the Six Nations Community, presented by Ryan McMahon.


November 12, 2016
12pm – Workshops
7pm – Performance and “Colonization Road” screening

Six Nations Polytechnic – BRANTFORD CAMPUS


Stories from the Land explores the role that Indigenous media and storytelling plays in Indigenous Nationhood & community building, provides hands-on workshops in Podcasting and Audio Storytelling, an Artistic writer’s workshop and live storytelling performances.


Thru the RedDoor and Six Nations Polytechnic present "Colonization Road"

Thru the RedDoor and Six Nations Polytechnic present “Colonization Road”

Colonization Road Synopsis
In towns throughout Ontario, there are startling reminders of the colonization of Indigenous territories and the displacement of First Nations people. Anishinaabe comedian and activist Ryan McMahon takes us to his hometown of Fort Frances and down its main drag, which is called Colonization Road. Similar streets have similar names in towns and cities across the province, direct reminders of the Public Lands Act of 1853 and its severe impact on First Nations, their treaties and their land in the name of “Canadian settlement.” On his journey through Ontario, McMahon explores the history of these roads, meets with settlers in solidarity and raises significant questions about “reconciliation” and what it means to “decolonize.”
This is a FREE COMMUNITY EVENT that aims to create an inclusive, rewarding and safe workshop space that is inspired by the spirit of land, reconciliation and community.The “Stories from the Land” workshop series targets three key areas of focus:
  • Technical Workshop: this workshop area examines the role of Indigenous media and storytelling plays in Indigenous Nationhood & community building. This is more of a presentation/keynote styled workshop engagement with slides, audio & video.
  • Mechanical Workshop: this workshop area is a “Podcasting & Audio Storytelling 101,” workshop as we explore the medium and present just how easy it is to empower communities via podcasting. This workshop begins with a short presentation, but is a hands on engagement, we will be making an audio storytelling project live and in real time during the workshop.
  • Artistic Workshop: this workshop area allows participants to write, create and share new writers works premised on our themes – land, reconciliation and community. This is an interactive, hands on engagement for novice to professional creators/writers/artists.



About the Presenters

Ryan McMahon is an Anishinaabe comedian, writer, media maker & community activator based out of Treaty #1 territory (Winnipeg, MB). Armed with a degree in Theatre & as a graduate of the prestigious Second City Conservatory (Toronto), Ryan’s comedic storytelling style is fast paced, loose & irreverent as he explores the good, the bad & the ugly between Indian Country & the mainstream.


Six Nations Polytechnic is a unique post-secondary organization, recognized as a centre of excellence for Indigenous Knowledge. At our foundation, we understand the need to have culture embedded in the learning process in order to understand who we are as Indigenous People, build self-confidence as students and affirm ourselves as human beings.

We have cultivated a learning environment that is inclusive, respectful and most importantly, centered around our students.

Thru the RedDoor
Located at Six Nations of the Grand River, Thru the RedDoor is Independent & Indigenous. We bring ideas to life. We listen close and tell stories that need to be heard. We make music and we make art.

Thru the RedDoor creates original programming, original music, exciting collaborations and opportunities for youth. We are a sound stage, recording studio, ISP and we make things happen.